Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

Founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model of Therapy

I admire Frank’s vulnerability as he lets us in on his personal journey of healing and learning, which brings the book to life. Frank has brought so much to the exploding IFS movement, and this book is a crucial contribution that brings clarity and light to the often dark, confusing journey that is the treatment of complex PTSD. This book offers the first comprehensive map to working with complex PTSD from an IFS perspective and, therefore, is invaluable.

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD

Author of New York Times bestselling The Body Keeps the Score

For me, and most of my close colleagues, Internal Family Systems therapy is the fundamental psychotherapeutic approach that we use to help most of our adult patients who deal with the legacy of trauma. It is therefore a gift to all of us that Frank Anderson has written such a lucid, engaging, and comprehensive book that can help us navigate the complicated journey of resolving relational trauma. With the help of exquisite personal anecdotes, Anderson explains the deeper origins of apparently irrational and self-destructive behaviors that people have developed to deal with overwhelming realities. Most of all, he describes how to guide people in reclaiming “self-leadership” and taking back ownership of their lives. This is a wonderful book that should be read by anyone who wants to lay down the burdens of past trauma and those who seek to accompany them on this journey.

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Janina Fisher, PhD.

Author of Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma

With his deeply compassionate attitude, Frank Anderson masterfully combines his years of clinical wisdom with the insights of neuroscience to create a definitive work on the treatment of complex trauma with IFS. This is a book that can and should be read by all therapists who work with trauma.

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Gabor Maté, MD.

Author of When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection

In Transcending Trauma, Frank Anderson offers a methodical, clear, and highly instructive pathway to healing complex trauma through IFS, an astute therapeutic approach that is logically presented and generously illustrated with case examples and enriched by personal insights.

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