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Resilience & Forgiveness

Join Frank Anderson MD, a lead trainer for the IFS Institute and author of Transcending Trauma and The Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual, for a free 60-minute discussion on "Resilience and Forgiveness."

An invitation from Frank...

What allows us to stay calm, present, and move through all that is present in the world today? Why do some of us thrive in adversity while others slip into depression and substance use?

Acknowledging, accepting, letting go, and moving on can certainly be challenging when we’re faced with difficult life experiences? Come join me in a free event to discuss some of the main components of resilience and forgiveness to better help yourself and your clients move beyond adversity.

Some key points of Resilience and Forgiveness that I will be talking about:

Can the person form meaningful connections?
--> Can they tolerate uncertainty?
--> Can they be with difficult emotions?
--> Are they capable or willing to learn from their difficult moments?
--> Do they see or value others outside of themselves?
--> Can they acknowledge their own vulnerability?

--> Heal the wound first.
--> Forgiveness is often suggested prematurely.
--> Forgiveness is about the person holding the pain, not about the perpetrator.
--> Forgiveness after releasing trauma.
--> Untethered and unaffected
--> Able to hold complexities
--> True acceptance
--> Freedom

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