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“A gifted speaker and a national expert on trauma, Frank Anderson introduces a
gentle, effective, mindfulness-based model for treating a wide range of clients.”
Janina Fisher, PhD

Dr. Anderson is enlisted by organizations around the world to speak to fellow mental health professionals on a variety of clinical topics. His repertoire includes (click on each for examples): 

     To inquire about booking Dr. Anderson for your event, email his assistant Michele Bruce at:


Dr. Anderson teaching his Treating Complex Trauma with IFS course in Los Angeles.

Dr. Anderson was taped for "Trauma, Neuroscience and IFS," a new webinar series offered by the Center for Self Leadership.

Moviegoers and media members listen to Dr. Anderson and IFS founder Dick Schwartz (left) lead a post-screening discussion of the Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out" in June 2015.

Dr. Anderson at the First Inaugural Gala Celebration for the Foundation for Self Leadership (2013).

“Frank Anderson is a brilliant and delightful presenter who has a unique ability to integrate the neuroscience and treatment of trauma with IFS.”
Richard Schwartz, PhD


Organizations Dr. Anderson has been hired by include (click on each for more details):

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