Hi, I’m Frank.

I am an author, psychiatrist, therapist, speaker and trauma specialist who’s spent the past three decades studying neuroscience and trauma treatment

My mission is to heal trauma and bring more love, compassion, and unity to the world.

My journey has been anything but linear, and that's exactly what makes it so special.

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Navigating the academic world from a chemistry major at the University of Illinois to an eager student at Rush University Medical College, with a burning desire to make a difference.

The pivotal shift to psychiatry, inspired by personal encounters with mental health, setting me on a path I never anticipated but now cannot imagine diverging from.

A residency at Harvard Medical School, where the complex tapestry of trauma and mental health truly unfolded before me.

Authoring impactful works, including chapters and books that resonate with those in the field and beyond. My latest, Transcending Trauma, is more than a book; it’s a piece of my heart and soul.

Millions have been reached through my roles, from the chair and executive director of the Foundation for Self Leadership to my teachings and consultations across the globe.

But the numbers only tell part of the story. It’s the personal connections, the stories of healing, and the shared moments of breakthrough that truly define my career.


I've been blessed with a support system that grounds me, challenges that have shaped me, and a community that inspires me every single day.

I've remained that same person who started this journey all those years ago - driven by curiosity, compassion, and a steadfast belief in the power of healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for considering how we might learn and grow together. Your journey is unique, and yet, in many ways, it intersects with mine. Here’s to navigating the complexities of life with a bit more understanding, a bit more compassion, and a good laugh along the way. Let’s make this journey a remarkable one, together.