"A crucial contribution that brings clarity and light to the often dark, confusing journey of treating complex PTSD."

- Richard C. Schwartz


Frank Anderson

As a dedicated psychiatrist with a deep-rooted passion for healing, my journey has taken me from the classrooms of the University of Illinois to the cutting edge of trauma therapy and mental health advocacy. With decades of experience and a flair for making complex psychological concepts accessible, my talks blend scientific insight with real-world relevance, aimed at fostering understanding, resilience, and growth.

Through engaging keynotes and workshops, I share transformative tools and stories designed to empower and inspire. My approach is not just to educate but to connect, offering a beacon of hope and practical strategies for overcoming adversity. Join me as we explore the powerful intersection of neuroscience, therapy, and personal evolution, on a mission to illuminate the path to healing and well-being.

“Trauma Blocks Love, Love Heals Trauma.” 

Frank’s work has been featured in:

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